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    • Tauren as a VAMPIRE!!

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      Vampirism affects many people. Just ask Tara from True Blood, Jubilee from the X-Men, and every quester in Skyrim! What if Tauren's handsome neck was nibbled on by a fanged friend or foe? THIS is what he would turn into!! 

      "Vampire Tauren: Concept Art" 

      Lucky Legendary takes Comic Con 2013 by Storm with Rule 63 X-Men Crossplay

      This year at San Diego Comic Con, Rule 63 Cosplay was king. The rule states that, “For any given male character, there is a female version of that character.” The Legends chose their favorite Marvel mutants to crossplay as (and we had an EPIC awesome time!) 

       photo 1012823_469161063179473_1172903493_n_zpsa148b305.jpg 

      *Emma Frost the White Queen became Emmet Frost the White King. The costume was made by the amazing Perry Meek who is a designer from Haus of Gaga and has created costumes for Cher, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, The Spice Girls, Tina Turner (and many more). Emma is my favorite X-Men of all time and Perry my cosplay dream come true flawlessly! 

      *Rogue became Rogue (or as I like to call him "Dude Rogue") 

      *The Scarlet Witch did a switch and became the Scarlet Warlock. We hunted all over LA for the costume pieces but the crowning component was the head piece.  It was custom made by Jim Logan from the Snikt Shop. Someone actually stole the box it was shipped in when the package was delivered. Jim was our hero when he spent the wee hours of the morning before the con making a new headpiece. He saved the day!

      *Wolverine became Lady Wolverine and was portrayed by our very own Leawyn (Michelle Prenez

      This year marks the end of Futurama. So I made sure to make Friday, FRYday in honor of my favorite show. I had taken the below pic at the con and I just found out that the latest episode of Futurama featured  a Scooby Doo mashup!!  photo IMG_1299_zpsfb2af3c4.jpg

      This year also saw the start of a possible yearly tradition of Captain Lucky's cosplay scavenger hunt. I asked my followers who they would like to see and I spent a day hunting down and snapping pics of their favorite fictional characters. It was my way of bringing the joy of Comic Con to the people who couldn't make it. My favorite finds where Xena and Wolverine.
       photo IMG_1388_zpsa775f5d4.jpg photo IMG_1381_zps7ac67472.jpg 

      Another year at Comic Con and another year of fond memories. 
      ~ Captain Lucky 

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      Justice: Origin of a Bombshell - Comic Book Kickstarter COMING SOON

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      MASHUP: My Little Pony vs. Leawyn

       photo image4_zpsed5f86bf.jpg

      MASHUP: The Hangover Part III vs. Captain Lucky

       photo image2_zps1530c37f.jpg

      MASHUP: Star Trek: Into Darkness vs. Tauren

       photo 966256_575223595855684_314194732_o_zps522fe181.jpg

      COSPLAY FUN: Superhero TMZ - Supergirl selfie (starring Leawyn)

      WHOA WTF? Supergirl has been exhibiting some rather bizarre behavior lately. She recently tweeted this strange video snapping "selfies". Will Robin and the Teen Titans get fed up with her antics? Someone needs to lay off the red kryptonite, girl! 

      FOLLOW www.Youtube.com/CapLucky for more Superhero TMZ adventures 

      Captain Lucky's Presents... 
      Michelle Prenez as Supergirl ( twitter.com/mprenez )
      Special Thanks to Olivier Lebourg

      MASHUP: The Great Gatsby vs. The Legends

       photo 477348_569544079756969_943984009_o_zpsb09512e5.jpg

      MASHUP: Lego vs. Justice

       photo 893320_545530368825007_800134780_o_zps176f46f8.jpg

      MASHUP: Pain & Gain vs. Star Stud

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